Unusual friendship of animals and humans

Unusual friendship of animals and humans

XIFAUwlOLuUKevin Richardson is known as the «Lions Whisperer.» This film tells the story of how one rare white tiger was lucky not to become a trophy on the wall. This is really a rare happiness, considering that every year it is legitimate to kill more than 1,000 lions. Kevin Richardson calls himself the «Ambassador of the lions,» he hopes that this film will help to stop the killing of lions when tourists are willing to pay up to 40 000 dollars for the murder of a large cat.




Every year in South Africa grown lions in captivity and then released into the indoor aviary, where hunters can pursue them. This is not a sport, it’s murder.

The film «White Lion» a rare white lion, which because of the color was expelled from the pride in his childhood. He nearly died of starvation, but then he met on the way an adult lion, who taught him the laws of the wild life.

The Government supports the «hunt» and calls it «constant utilization of natural sources.» Only in September 2007, 16 394 hunters, more than half of them from the United States, killing more than 46 000 animals in South Africa. The film’s producer Kevin Richardson first «friends» with the white lions 12 years ago — he tamed the two six-month cubs, when he himself was 23 years old.

He began to while away the hours in a rehabilitation center, to spend more time with his new friends. Soon, the park owner Rodney Fuhr offered him a temporary job, which eventually became permanent.

Today, Richardson cares for 39 lions in an area of ​​800 hectares. The park is located a half hour drive from Johannesburg, where he filmed film.Lvy — nocturnal animals, and most of the day sleeping, so filming took place for two hours in the morning and two more — in the afternoon, unless, of course, allowed the «stars». Richardson breaks all the rules of conduct with the lions. As soon as he appears, lions greet him murchaniem. Kevin likes to scratch their bellies. And they love to lick his hand his rough tongue.

His lions attacked him twice, once during the filming of a lion named Thor «nailed» it to the cell, resulting in the whole horror of the set. «Lions for 99% calm and only 1% are deadly,» — says Richardson.

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