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Mysterious stone columns Crowley Lake, California, USA





Mysterious stone columns Crowley Lake, California, USA

Once in the upper reaches of the river Owens in California Southern District (USA) was completed in 1941, construction of the reservoir Lake Crowley, along the eastern shore of the reservoir strange formations in the form of pillars were seen.

These stone columns up to 6 meters high, have been associated high arches as the masterpieces of ancient Moorish temple.

Over millions of years, these pillars were completely covered with soft rocks and hidden from view, and were not known to mankind, if not in the Los Angeles Department of Water and Power. After the reservoir was created, these structures appeared from the water and made available to scholars. Columns were regarded as little more than a curiosity of nature, but research is not carried out until 2015, when geologists from the University of California, Berkeley, decided to conduct a serious investigation.

By using a variety of techniques and equipment, including X-ray analysis and electron microscopes, geologists have determined that the columns have been created as a result of melting of snow when the cold water seeped down through the hot volcanic ash, which was formed as a result of the catastrophic explosion of 760 000 years ago .

Details a little sketchy, but the researchers said that the water created a column like a convection heat pipes. These convection tubes are literally tied together minerals, which were able to resist the corrosive forces of the waves of the lake.

Researchers estimate that in this place could be about 5000 of these pillars, which appear in clusters and vary widely in shape, size and color and are located on an area of ​​4000 hectares.

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