Touching friendship animals. Interesting facts about animals

Interesting facts about animals

Wolf — not such a predator as he is commonly believed. In any case, it may well do frogs, insects, berries, and even gifts of fields and gardens, and in complete lack of fodder and wood all goes to the kidneys, mosses and lichens.

Large sea turtles dolphins understand language.

Inside the lion pride 9/10 output in «family» supply lionesses.

Snail teeth are located on the tongue, which she cuts and grinds the food.

Touching friendship animals

Touching friendship animals

Touching friendship animals


The whales can hold their breath up to two hours.
Crocodiles swallow stones to deeper dive.

Mole can overnight dig a tunnel length of 76 meters.

Anteaters prefer not to eat ants and termites.

Sloths spend 75% of your life in a dream.

Touching friendship animals


Despite the hump, the camel’s spine in a straight line.

Scorpions are not to eat anything for nearly two years, and ticks — up to 10 years!

Chimpanzees — the only animals that can recognize themselves in a mirror.

Touching friendship animals

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