Tender friendship animals. Interesting facts about animals

Tender friendship animals. Interesting facts about animals


In this three picture combo, played out on the front walk of an Amish family in Middlefield, Ohio, Wednesday, Sept. 17, 2008, a black cat approaches a resting dog, and then makes herself quite comfortable with her new-found friend.  Family members, who preferred not to share their names, said that the dog belonged to a neighbor, and the feline was one of their many barn cats. (AP Photo/Amy Sancetta)   Original Filename: AP080917053763.jpg


Interesting facts about animals

1. To make a kilo of honey bee should fly 2 million Flowers.

2. Feeding a baby is not an easy thing for the whales. After 10-12 months in the womb are born small whales of up to one-third of the adult whale (and in the case of the Blue whale is 10 meters). Mother pours milk into muscles calf’s mouth, which clings to the nipple (yes, whales have them). Fat content of milk whales — about 50%, which is 10 times more fat content of human milk. Accordingly, the young grow up picking a day to 90 kg.

3. Pigeons can fly thousands of kilometers and thus get exactly where they were heading. And the Arctic tern flies per year more than 40 200 kilometers. Many birds use built-in ferromagnets are wise by nature for the orientation of the magnetic fields of the Earth. But a study in 2006 showed that pigeons also remember the conspicuous features of the earth, and are guided by them.

4. Recent studies have shown that moles rather sharp, albeit limited, vision. And they often do not like what they see, because the penetration of light usually means that the burrow his way predator.

5. giraffe’s brain is about 5 meters higher than his body. It is obvious that with such an original design of the neck have somehow solved the problem of delivery of blood to the vital organs. Not only is the heart giraffes twice stronger than cows, so also the unique structure of the veins prevent a sharp rush of blood when lowering head down. Yes and feet skin is extremely tense, not to allow the blood to stagnate in the legs.

6. Eyes lizards are equipped with orange glasses, because in the retina of a lot of fat drops, painted in orange color. That’s where, it turns out, optical filters in these animals. So, lizards do not see the world the way we do. And not just a lizard. Many birds seem green that we see in red.

7. When Europeans first saw the giraffe, they called it «verblyudopardom», thinking that it is a hybrid of a camel and a leopard.

8. Weight ostrich egg can reach 1.5 kg.

9. During the First World War, one of the South African monkeys received a medal and was even awarded the military rank of Corporal.

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