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Meatloaf with mushrooms in puff pastry

Ingredients for cooking: puff pastry (250 g) pulp of pork or beef ready (300-400g) onions (2-3 pcs.) Lambert cheese (or any other hard cheese — 300g) mushrooms mushrooms (400g) Eggs (4-5 pcs.)

Lush patties of minced chicken with oat flakes

  Why I love burgers minced chicken with oat flakes, so it’s a fact that even from such a diet of meat, like chicken, they get very juicy. Because, unfortunately, many dishes of chicken gets a little dryish, but this is not the recipe! Try it, you will love it! You want to cook cutlets […]

Roast in the oven

  Hot, but simply, a potato with meat and vegetables cooked in the oven — it’s always delicious. After the meat and vegetables and juices are vzaimopropityvayutsya languish together. Ingredients: — 1 kg of pork, you can take the neck of pork — 1 kg of potatoes — 2-3 green bell peppers — 1 large […]

0 calories. Baked Eggplant for quick dinner

Ingredients: Eggplant — 2 pcs. Tomato — 4 pcs. Cheese durum — 200 g Garlic — 4 cloves Olive oil or vegetable — 10 ml Green fresh parsley — 3 tablespoons. l. Salt — to taste Pepper — to taste

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