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Fish meatballs in a creamy sauce

Ingredients: Minced Fish — 250 g Onions — 1 pc. Rusk (ground) — 3-4 tablespoons. l. Dairy cream (30%) — 300 ml Cheese (grated) — 50-100 g Broccoli — to taste Salt — to taste White pepper — to taste

Rabbit on grile marinated

Cooking time: 100 minutes + marinating Servings: optional You will need: 3 rabbit legs For the marinade, we need: a handful of fresh thyme and rosemary (I have been dried herbs) 4 cloves garlic olive oil zest and juice of one lemon teaspoon of honey salt pepper

Potato and cheese balls

Ingredients: — mashed potatoes — 1 egg — Breadcrumbs — Cheese, diced or grated — Oil for frying

Meatloaf with mushrooms in puff pastry

Ingredients for cooking: puff pastry (250 g) pulp of pork or beef ready (300-400g) onions (2-3 pcs.) Lambert cheese (or any other hard cheese — 300g) mushrooms mushrooms (400g) Eggs (4-5 pcs.)

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