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Funny animals pictures. Interesting facts about …

Funny animals pictures.Interesting features creations of nature Interesting features creations of nature Plants may be present in the office not only as decorations (in pots), but also as a trim, which is covered with office furniture. What are some interesting facts are not known to many people? Motherland tulips, contrary to popular belief, is not […]

Cute animals pictures. 25 amazing facts about animals

Cute animals pictures 25 amazing facts about animals:   25 amazing facts about animals: 1. House flies, though live 14 days, have a good ear. They are all the buzz in the tone in F Major. 2. Ostriches can run faster than a horse, and the male ostrich can not roaring lion worse. 3. Bats […]

Funny animals pictures

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Funny cars pictures.Interesting facts about cars

Funny cars pictures. Interesting facts about cars 10 interesting facts about cars 1 Brand British sports car AC Cobra patented exhaust sound of their machines. And all because of the technical director of the company I am convinced that the sound of the exhaust system of the car — is second only to the design […]

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