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Chicken fillet stuffed with cheese, ham and pineapple

Ham, pineapple and cheese — a great combination, add to this tender chicken and get a great recipe! Instead of chicken you can use turkey fillet, but beef or pork, for my taste, it is better not to use. Serve rolls can be both whole and cut into pieces. Garnish can be fed rice or […]

0% fat. Chicken breast in foil for dinner

At 100 grams — 103.28 calories Ingredients: Chicken breast — 1 piece (120g) Orange — 0.5 (70 g) Salt and pepper to taste

Chicken with rice and vegetables in Catalan.

  dish turns out very cheerful and bright. Prepare a chicken with rice and vegetables, and you will not regret it! in Catalan is needed for cooking chicken with rice and vegetables: chicken drumsticks — 4 pcs. (You can hips, breast); Onions — 1 pc .; Carrots — 1 pc .; Bulgarian pepper — 1 […]

Gentle casserole of chicken — nutritious, tasty and easy

Ingredients: — 400g chicken fillet — 2 eggs — 1 tbsp. spoon sour cream — a tomato — Salt and pepper (to taste)

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