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Сute funny cats, Interesting about cats

Interesting about cats Habits of domestic cats living in the house practically do not differ from the habits and behavior of cats in nature If a cat falls from a height, at first it aligns the head, then the back, then legs, and then arches her back to soften the landing

Cute, funny cats. Did you know that cats…

This is interesting about cats. Did you know that: Body cats no sweat glands, so the cats have little or no odor, and in the heat of his mouth slightly open, like dogs, cats only sweat pads paws During pregnancy one cat can make kittens from different fathers, but it is believed that all the […]

Funny playful cats GIF. Do you know why the cat…

Do you know why the cat … Cat licking its fur, spend it as much fluid as on urination For cats is absolutely normal body temperature of 38 degrees Glza our pets is larger relative to the body than other animals, if a person had the same eyes like a cat (with respect to the […]

Cute funny cats pictures. 5 facts — why cats do this?

Cute funny cats pictures. 5 facts — why cats do this?   5 facts — why cats do this? 1. Why cats do not like to swim? In fact, most cats are comfortable with water and if possible can fish. But when the cat firmly hold hands and dipped into a basin of water, from […]

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