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Salmon baked with cheese

Salmon steaks — 1.5 kg Potatoes — 1 kg onions — 6 pieces Cheese — 200 g mayonnaise

Trout with mushroom sauce

Servings: 2 Total time: 40 minutes INGREDIENTS: — Fish-1 pcs .; — Mushrooms, 200 gr .; — Cheese 100 gr .; — Sour cream, 2 tablespoons.

Fish in sour cream

  Ingredients: Fish fillet 800 g; Bulb 2 pcs; Butter 1 tbsp .; Lemon juice 1/2 units; Salt to taste; White pepper (ground) to taste; Sour cream 250 ml; Flour 1 tbsp .; Dill 1/2 bunch;

Recipe for a couple of trout

Cooking in foil is also divided into two types: open and closed. In the first case, the foil creates a kind of trough, and the fish is cooked with a lot of sauce, the second will be almost no sauce. Anyway, a couple of trout turns out very tender, tasty and soft, while fully consistent […]

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