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Salad «Pineapple bouquet»

Pineapple and chicken are perfectly combined with each other. If you plan to prepare for New Year’s charming and delicious salad, then use this recipe. Ingredients: 500g chicken breast 3-4 bulbs 4-5 eggs 400 g pickled mushrooms 2 potatoes 200 g of cheese 1 can of canned pineapple mayonnaise

«Puff salad with avocado and ham»

  Ingredients: — 1 avocado — 200 g of cheese — 4 eggs — 300 g ham — 2 Cucumber — 200 grams of green peas — 1 large bell pepper — Mayonnaise, a bunch of parsley

Salad with chicken and beans

Yum-yum! Particularly pleased that all of the ingredients do not have to cook, except for chicken! 🙂 Ingredients: red beans 1 can 1 pack of crackers Boiled chicken breast cheese 150g green salad Tomato 1-2 pc mayonnaise

Weight loss. Salad with avocado, chicken and cheese

on 100gramm — 153.71 calories Ingredients: Avocado 1 piece Chicken fillet 100g boiled Cheese cheese 100g Tomatoes 100 g Salad green 5 pieces ½ lemon pieces Black olives, pitted 1 Bank 3 tablespoons olive oil

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