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Baked «Miracle bananas»

  Ingredients For filling: Cottage cheese (classic) — 400 g Sugar — 1 stack. Flour — 6 tablespoons. l. Bananas — 2 pcs For the dough: Oil — 400 g of room temperature Sour cream — 200 g Baking powder — 0.5 tsp.. Flour — 4 stack. The yolk — 2 pcs for greasing

Baked apples with cream cheese: just 4 ingredients!

on 100gramm — 79.75 kcal Ingredients: Apple — 2 pcs Fat cottage cheese — 120 g Honey — 2 tsp. Raisins — 2 tbsp. l

Crepes a la Gundel

  Pancakes prescription Karoly Gundel — probably the most famous Hungarian dessert. In Budapest, you can find the famous Gundel restaurant, and a variety of cafes easier. Pancakes themselves, however, for an amateur — filled with crushed walnuts, raisins and citrus peel. But if such a combination of love and something like pancakes. A chocolate […]

Scones with cream frosting

  At the request can be made with other fillings, such as plum jam. You will need: 500 g wheat flour 25 g of fresh yeast 1 glass of warm milk 2 eggs I 3 tablespoons sugar 50 g sour cream a pinch of salt 60 g of butter at room temperature Filling: 400 g […]

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