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Cute animals asleep. Interesting facts about how animals sleep

Cute animals asleep, interesting facts about how animals sleep     5 interesting facts about how animals sleep 1. Males on average 13-14 hours of sleep during the day and at night wandering around the house. The fact that in the wild they tend to hunt at night. Big cats, such as tigers, are too long […]

A touching friendship of dogs and cats. Interesting facts about…

A touching friendship of dogs and cats     Interesting facts about … The strongest examples of heroic devotion to the dogs Dogs surprised and continue to surprise the person of his unconditional love, devotion and desire to rush to the rescue at any moment. We have assembled a very heroic and touching story many […]

Cute animals pictures Interesting facts about…

Cute animals  pictures. Interesting facts about…       Interesting facts about animals Money decompose even monkeys Another proof that apes are not so different from people: after the researchers taught the seven monkeys Capuchin use the money they have been paying for sex. Two scientists from the United States Yale University (in professions economist and […]

Сute, Funny animals pictures.

Сute, Funny animals  pictures. Such a large potato or that I’m a little?   I had a good rest! …   We are good together …

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