Smart cute cats pictures. Why do cats have won the Internet?

Smart cute cats pictures. Why do cats have won the Internet?






Why do cats have won the Internet?

Cats hold a thousand times more information than aypad

The oldest video with cats, posted on YouTube, was filmed in 1894.

Approximately 1/3 of cat owners believe that pets are able to read their thoughts.

The surface of the nose in cats is as unique as a fingerprint people.

Abraham Lincoln in the White House held four cats.

Cats lick themselves to stop to smell the man.
In ancient Egypt, when the house cat died, the family shaved their eyebrows and mourned her.
Cats use their whiskers to determine if they can squeeze through or not.
Cats sweat only through their paw pads.
Domestic cat runs faster than Usain Bolt.
Cats recognize your voice, but prefer to ignore it.
A cat can not climb a tree upside down because of the claws of the device. To come down from the tree, it is necessary to retreat, walking backwards.
Vision cats simultaneously better and worse human. Cats very well see in the dark, but do not distinguish colors.
Cats are capable of overcoming great distances to get to the house.

Egyptians and called the cats — Mau.
In the world there are cats that survived the fall from a height of 230 meters.

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