«Prague» with apricot impregnation and a grilling crumb.

«Prague» with apricot impregnation and a grilling crumb.

You will need:

On 2 forms 21-22cm. If you do not need a high-sized cake, then divide the ingredients in half. That is, we bake one biscuit for 6 eggs, reduce the cream twice, impregnate (except for two spoons to lubricate the top, they will not change), the grilling can be left, it will perfectly fit into many desserts and will not lay down for a long time. Glazing leave 2/3.

For 2 biscuits:
12 eggs
230 g of flour
300g of sugar
50 g of cocoa
80g of butter (melted and cooled to room temperature)
2 pinch of salt

For cream:
240g condensed milk
400g butter
2 yolks
40ml of water
20 g of cocoa
2 bags of vanilla sugar

For impregnation and coating:
100g apricot jam
150ml of water
3 tbsp. Cognac or rum
2 tbsp. Apricot jam under the icing

For grillage (it turns out a little more than necessary, but it’s inconvenient to do but it’s always useless)
85g of walnuts (you can take others as you wish)
75g of water
250g of sugar
1 / 2ch. Lemon juice

100g butter
100g of bitter chocolate

(Glass 250ml)

«Prague» with apricot impregnation and a grilling crumb.

How to cook:

1. If you have one very large bowl for a mixer or two solid ones, you can knead two biscuits at once, but for less fuss and very uniform baking (not always shifted away from the center of the oven the bake is perfect) I recommend doing it consistently. We kneaded one for six eggs, put the oven and 10 minutes before the end of the baking began to knead the second. So…

2. Mix the eggs with sugar and salt in a bowl, in which we then whisk. Warm up in a water bath, lightly padding the whisk until the sugar dissolves and the mixture becomes warm (tangible, but not strong). Then whisk at a high speed until a lush smooth light cream. The mass will increase greatly in volume. If you carry the tip of a knife or spoon over the surface, then there should be no swim or very slow swim trench. Mix the flour thoroughly with cocoa and sift twice. In portions in 3-4 stages add a dry mixture to the egg, gently stirring the spatula with twisting movements from the bottom up. Mass should save maximum volume! At the very end, pour in the oil and mix again neatly. The bottom of the form is covered with parchment, do not lubricate the sides. Pour the dough and bake for 30 minutes at 200C. Take out, cool the sponge cake 5 minutes in shape, then gently walk along the edge with a thin spatula or spatula to separate and get the biscuit. Cool on the grill completely, then put it in the refrigerator for 6-8 hours, wrapped in a film.

3. The cream oil is cut into a cube and left at room temperature until softened. Water and yolks are mixed until homogeneous, add to the condensed milk and boil, stirring over medium heat until thick. The mass will not be very thick, but it must be condensed and become more viscous. Remove from heat and cool to room temperature. Mix the butter with vanilla sugar until fluffy. Continue to beat gradually add 1-2 tbsp. (The temperature of both parts must be the same), each time waiting for their complete unification. At the end, mix the cocoa. Leave the cream in the refrigerator until assembled.

4. To grill the nuts, fry a little in the oven until browning and strengthening the nut smell. Cool down. Exfoliate the skin with your hands. It is not necessary ideally, only that which departs itself. Chop the nuts is not too shallow. Sugar with water bring to a boil over medium heat and cook to an amber color and a sample for caramel (if there is a thermometer, then 160-165C, if not, then drip a drop of syrup into cold water and it must harden into a brittle crisp not sticking tooth tear) . Add caramel nuts, stir a little so that they are covered evenly and pour the mass on oiled parchment or silicone mat without oil. Let’s completely cool and freeze. We break into pieces and crush it in a chopper into a crumb.

5. To impregnate mix jam with water and heat, but do not boil. If necessary, wipe through a sieve so that there are no pieces. Add rum / cognac and let cool.

6. Assembling the cake does not require any rings, since the cream is tight. Each of the two biscuits (or one, if you have one) is cut into three equal parts in height. Evenly wet each of the cakes with impregnation. It must go all out. We lay the first soaked cake, from above we evenly distribute two generous tablespoons with a slide of the grilling crumb and then carefully spread the cream layer over the top. Repeat this procedure until the last cake, which should stay on top naked, without cream. The cream leaves all evenly on each cake, plus a little on the lining of the ends. In the picture I have a cake of 5 layers simply because the sixth did not climb the height in the container for transporting cakes and I distributed the cream on 4 layers instead of 5, and in the case of one biscuit there will be 2 of them, but in all of these cases neither more nor Less cream is not needed, all as indicated in the ingredients.

A little warm up two spoons of apricot jam and, if necessary, wipe through a sieve from the pieces. Evenly we cover the upper cake. We remove the cake to cool. After 30-40 minutes, carefully align the ends of the cake with a small amount of pent-off cream.

7. For the glaze in a water bath, melt the chocolate with butter until completely homogeneous emulsion and, after having slightly cooled it, pour the cake completely or make the top and streaks from the sides. We remove the cooling for a day, and can be longer. On the second day of the poll, he was even more magnificent.

Bon Appetit!

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