Photo Fountain Swarovski. History of Swarovski Fountain

The fountain, which is located on the territory of the museum of crystals Swarovski Kristallwelten, in Austria, one of the most original and unusual. And how could it be otherwise ?! It’s Wattens, Swarovski cradle of the empire. Here begins the story of the world-famous brand


At the site of the first factory Swarovski in 1995, the 100th anniversary of the company, the whole complex, which is the underground museum crystals «Swarovski Crystal Worlds» (Swarovski Kristallwelten) was created. author of the project was the artist André Heller, who created the amazing underground world of crystals. In the creation of this amazing place, attended and other famous designers.

The fountain, which is called the «Fountain of Swarovski» is part of the entrance to the museum of the composition, which is in the form of a giant head, covered with grass. His eyes are green crystals. From the mouth of the giant rushes down the water, forming a small waterfall.

This is a fabulous kingdom of the Giant and his treasures. In 2015, the museum was visited by over 12 million people. It is the second most popular place to visit in Austria after Vienna Palace Schloß Schönbrunn — the summer residence of the Austrian emperors.



The legendary waterfall — Legendary waterfalls.

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