They Rejected Her Photograph Out Of 'Fairness' But This Mom Thinks It's Nonsense

To celebrate her journey into motherhood, a new mama entered a Mother’s Day photo contest being held by Governor’s Square Mall.

Hoping to share the wonders of being a mother and show off her two children, she submitted a professional photo taken by a local photographer depicting the mother breastfeeding her two children in the middle of the forest. Hoping to win a mall gift card, she didn’t think twice about her tasteful photo, seeing as it portrays one of the most honest and beautiful aspects of motherhood.

Hours after submitting her photo into the contest, she received a discouraging…

What This Man Did To A Baby Is So Awful That The FBI Is Now Involved

Children are some of the most cherished and helpless members of our society.
They often can’t defend themselves, especially against adults who want to use them for nefarious purposes. That’s why we take care of them and watch over them. Still, there are people out there who get away with hurting kids…but sometimes, even the FBI steps in to make sure justice is served.

Derrick Joseph Rady was indicted by the FBI on one count of sexual exploitation of a minor and distribution of child pornography after he engaged in sexually explicit conduct with a one-year-old and put that crime…

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Interesting places to travel: Golden city Valletta, Malta

Interesting places to travel: Golden city Valletta, Malta

Valletta — the capital of the Republic of Malta, the economic and political center of the state. Named in honor of a knight, naval commander, Master of the Order of Knights of St. John Zhana Parizo de La Valletta

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