Featured Animal: Minke Whale

She Tried A New Tattoo Removal Technique. What Happened Will Make You Cringe So Hard

The one thing everyone knows about tattoos is that they are totally permanent.
That’s why you’re supposed to think long and hard before you make any decisions about tattoos and where you place them on your body. There have recently been advancements in tattoo removal, but they’re often painful, expensive, and take a really long time. Pasuda Reaw realized after getting a flower tattoo on her chest that it might make her professional life more difficult. That’s when she heard about a new tattoo removal technique that would change her life (and appearance) forever.

Rejuvi is a tattoo removal cream…

She, Her Baby, And A Friend Died In A Crash. Then Someone Took A Photo And Saw This.

On April 25, 23-year-old Hannah Simmons was taking her nine-month old daughter, A’lannah, for a check up in Georgia with her best friend, Lauren Buteau, when they lost control of the vehicle.
Tragically, the accident was so bad that it took all three of their lives. A young woman named Anisa Gannon was on her way to her job when she saw the ambulances, fire trucks, and police cars surrounding the site. Knowing that she would be late to work, she used her photo to snap a picture of the scene to show her boss what had held her up….

They Were Trying To Take A Nice Photo. Then A Sea Lion Did Something So Scary.

This freaky story about a wildlife encounter gone wrong further proves why we need to be careful posing for Instagram photos when animals are involved.
While sitting on the dock of the Steveston Fisherman’s Wharf in British Columbia, tourist Michael Fujiwara noticed a seemingly friendly sea lion peeking its head out above the water. Fujiwara quickly took out his phone and began recording the amazing moment.But a few minutes later, the animal did something that’ll make you wince.

As more and more people gathered to witness the sea lion swimming about, they started getting a little too close for the…

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