Funny animals. Interesting facts about animals. Chimpanzees

Funny animals. Interesting facts about animals. Chimpanzees


Interesting facts about animals. Chimpanzees

Employees of Kyoto University studied the life of chimpanzees in the Mahale Mountains National Park park. They could not pay attention to the 38-year-old female chimpanzee, who gave birth to an unhealthy newborn.

In a tiny monkey was deformed spine and foot. Her jaw is not closed, and the animal can not express emotions. Congenital anomaly something reminiscent of Down syndrome that occurs in people.

The mother did not give up a sick child, and began to actively take care of him. This helped her eldest daughter. Sick baby chimpanzee could not properly grasp the nipple and mouth clinging paws for wool mother. However, after 2 years of dysfunctional animals disappeared. The researchers suggest that it is because abnormal jaw structure could not eat solid food, which led to starvation.

Funny Pictures of cars. Interesting facts about cars

Funny Pictures of cars

Interesting facts about cars


It is now on the car can accelerate to escape velocity. In 1865 prapradedushki today’s cars can move through the streets at a speed of no more than three km / h. That is the limit for any self-propelled carts entered the British authorities. But that’s not all. Ahead of the crew had to go and people to honk a red flag to warn passers-by of the approach of transport. The first car, speeding up the rate of more than one hundred km / h was electric. And he did it at the end of the last century.

Funny animals photos. Interesting facts about animals

Funny animals. Interesting facts about animals

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The world’s largest reptile (and most dangerous to humans) — saltwater crocodile.

Male Imperial moth can feel and find a female of its kind from a distance of two kilometers.

On the front paws of a tiger five toes and rear — four. Tiger claws reach a length of 8-10 cm.

Males bald monkey just as well as men.

The species of starfish called Lunckia columbiae can fully reproduce the body of the particle length of 1 centimeter.

On Earth, about 4,000 known species of frogs and toads.

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funny animals pictures

funny animals pictures

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During the day, bird feeds its chicks thousand times.

In ancient Egypt, the main pests of fields considered not beetles and even locusts, and hippos ….

The female armadillo has a unique ability. When stressful situations it can delay the birth for up to two years.

Attacking their prey, sharks turn a blind eye to flailing their extraction avoid injury.

Skunk can bite and spread the smell simultaneously.

Fish Mola Mola (or oceanic sun fish), lays up to 5 000 000 eggs at a time.

From bee stings each year die 3 times more people than the bites of rattlesnakes.

The speed of movement of the cochlea — about 1.5 mm / sec.

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