Funny animals Pictures. Interesting facts about animals

Funny animals Pictures.

Interesting facts about animals

Large sea turtles understand the language of dolphins.

Sailing for oviposition to the coast of the Nicobar Islands in the Indian Ocean, the turtle did not immediately go to the bank and wait for a special signal from the Dolphins, who assess the situation on the coast, and if it is favorable (no enemies, good weather, and so on. P.), With Sound is supplied via a special command to move the turtles to shore.

Hippos are born under water.

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In Brazil, home to butterflies, which emit a strong odor, so they are specifically kept at home so that they flavored the air.

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In his youth, the Black Sea perch mostly girls, but for 5 years, they radically change the floor!
In medieval Europe, the beaver felt fish and its meat is very valued.
The ancient Egyptians taught baboons to serve them at the table.
Europeans arrived in Australia, Aborigines have asked: «What is there for you strange leaping beasts?». Aborigines responded, «Kangaroo» — which means «I do not understand.»

Funny Dogs. Interesting facts about dogs

Funny Dogs. Interesting facts about dogs

Dogs — the most diverse-looking mammals. In fact, a huge number of species, and all differ, sometimes greatly, from one another.
The most ancient breeds of dogs: shar pei, Pekingese, Siberian Husky.
The biggest dog has a height of 2 meters (vertical).
Egyptians idolized not only cats and dogs.
The dog has three pairs of eyelids.
In the ancient Far East at the Pekingese and Japanese Chin had servants.



Funny pictures

Funny pictures


Interesting facts

When purchasing a bag, shoes, jackets, home appliances can be found within them are small bags filled with pellets (silica gel). Many consider them unnecessary and ease of finding discarded. And in vain!

What are they for?
Silica gel — is the protection of goods from getting wet. Tiny beads of this material perfectly absorbs moisture, which in some circumstances got in the package with the thing. The house of every person should have a few bags of silica gel. For example, using this material can «revive» soaked cell phone.

To start the unit is turned off, took out the battery and SIM card. Mobile phone for hours put into a container with silica granules. At the end of time the unit is collected and re-include.

Funny cars





Funny cars


Interesting facts

Do not get hung up on the bad
Trouble at work often spoil the mood for the rest of the day. A man ponders the problem and on the way home. Sometimes negative, resulting in service, deprives a full night’s rest. But everything can change for the better with the help of thought. Positive attitude helps to cope effectively with stress, which undermines not only the spiritual but also physical health. To get rid of negative thoughts and memories you need to focus on something pleasant that could happen at work.

However, this is not as easy as it may seem. Survival instinct has taught man to focus primarily on the negative and potentially dangerous. Besides all the good people perceive as an integral part of his life, so just do not notice it.

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