Funny pictures animals. Interesting facts about animals

Funny pictures animals

Interesting facts about animals

The only pet that is not mentioned in the Bible — a cat.

The only animals who are suffering from leprosy, but man — armadillos.
The only animals have sex for pleasure, — humans and dolphins.

If flamingo enough food, their feathers pink from becoming dull gray. In the wild, birds feed on shrimp, tiny aquatic plants that contain a special colorant — carotene.

An animal with the largest brain to the body — an ant.
The animal, which may not be longer than all drink — a rat.
Over the last 4,000 years there have been no new domesticated animal.
Zoo in Tokyo every year close to 2 months to animals could rest from the visitors.
Snail teeth located on the tongue, which she cuts and grinds food.
Every year people are killed bee stings than from snake bites.
Whales are able to hold their breath up to two hours.
When Europeans first saw the giraffe, they called it «verblyudopardom», thinking that it is a hybrid of a camel and a leopard.

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Funny animals Pictures. Interesting facts about animals

Funny animals Pictures.

Interesting facts about animals

Large sea turtles understand the language of dolphins.

Sailing for oviposition to the coast of the Nicobar Islands in the Indian Ocean, the turtle did not immediately go to the bank and wait for a special signal from the Dolphins, who assess the situation on the coast, and if it is favorable (no enemies, good weather, and so on. P.), With Sound is supplied via a special command to move the turtles to shore.

Hippos are born under water.

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In Brazil, home to butterflies, which emit a strong odor, so they are specifically kept at home so that they flavored the air.

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In his youth, the Black Sea perch mostly girls, but for 5 years, they radically change the floor!
In medieval Europe, the beaver felt fish and its meat is very valued.
The ancient Egyptians taught baboons to serve them at the table.
Europeans arrived in Australia, Aborigines have asked: «What is there for you strange leaping beasts?». Aborigines responded, «Kangaroo» — which means «I do not understand.»

Funny Dogs. Interesting facts about dogs

Funny Dogs. Interesting facts about dogs

Dogs — the most diverse-looking mammals. In fact, a huge number of species, and all differ, sometimes greatly, from one another.
The most ancient breeds of dogs: shar pei, Pekingese, Siberian Husky.
The biggest dog has a height of 2 meters (vertical).
Egyptians idolized not only cats and dogs.
The dog has three pairs of eyelids.
In the ancient Far East at the Pekingese and Japanese Chin had servants.



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