Funny pictures about animals. Interesting facts about animals

Funny pictures about animals. Interesting facts about animals

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Interesting facts about animals

Snub-nosed monkey «paint» the lips, going on a date

To find out details of personal life of one of the least studied and rare primates — black snub-nosed monkey from the Old World monkey family. As it turned out, during the mating lips are ready to continue the male offspring strongly swell, occupying almost half of the muzzle, and become bright red.
Investigation of the behavior of black snub-nosed monkey (Rhinopithecus bieti) was published in the journal Royal Society Open Science. Its author was the international team of scientists, and the object — 15 living in the forests of China’s male monkeys. From the nature of these primates, which are considered an endangered species, is not the prettiest. However, in the mating season, males snub-nosed monkey do everything possible to look more attractive.
According to the researchers, snub-nosed monkey males divided into two groups. Some are more active, surround themselves with a group of females, creating real harems. On the eve of the mating period lips on their faces significant increase in size, becoming bright red. The older male is, the redder his lips. Others ignore male courtship, behind the alpha male, and their lips are thin and pale — exactly the same as the lips of black snub-nosed monkey who have not reached puberty. Moreover, during the mating season, this also increases pallor, thus emphasizing the preference of the owner bachelor lips.

Ravens are afraid of death and study its causes

Why crows gather in flocks around their deceased brethren?
This is what a student interested in environmental faculty of the University of Washington Kaal Swift.
She held a number of extensive research — perhaps it even rely on their own experience of the observer. In the end, Kaal found the answer to her question tearing.
When the crows surround the deceased member of his flock, they do not just stop to immerse themselves in grief. In fact, birds are trying to determine the cause of the death of his colleague.
It is quite possible that it was caused by the threat of which is in the nearby area. A new study published in the journal «Animal Behaviour» only proves that the crows rather tricky, and even able to recognize the killing. These birds are incredibly smart. Perhaps the crows — the most brainy cruise representatives. They are distinguished by the ability to solve problems, develop their own strategies and to form complex social structure.
According to a study conducted in 2013, it has been determined that there is a crow area of ​​the brain responsible for thinking and high level of intelligence. Unidentified masked Swift very surprised that in flocks of black birds there is the concept of murder, because it leads them to the notoriously difficult subject of death.
She spent the experiment for 2 years, has traveled more than 100 places of Washington.
In every village woman to leave food for crows.
But before you start feeding birds, it requested a number of different volunteers stand.
In this experiment participants had to wear masks to hide facial expressions.
Because masks Ravens could not remember the behavior of certain people, though each of them is a potential threat. The Ravens have a part of the brain responsible for memory.
Therefore, if the birds have once saw a threat, they will learn it at another meeting. The experiment, which shiver But these were only «flowers».
Now it is necessary to mention the really terrible part of the experiment. Volunteers were asked to hold in their hands a dead crow (or rather, her stuffed). Some of the participants got the body of birds of prey (eg, red hawk) or birds of other species (eg, the pigeon).
To control the number of people they had to stand without being in the hands of the dead.
And in some places and at all the crows were allowed to enjoy a treat without a terrible observer, causing them to be distracted by someone else’s death.
Whenever a bird died in the hands of a man in a mask, winged began to cry out to his brethren. In this way they tried to warn his comrades about the threat, which is nearby.
Moreover, it was found that the greatest fear of the crows show the detection of danger directly to their own species.
So, if a man was holding a stuffed crow, the bird immediately began to raise a panic.
But the body of a dove or a hawk winged, usually do not react so violently. Swift noted that the threat that has been recognized by the crows, they can be stored in memory for up to six weeks.
During this time, the man in the mask is considered dangerous, even if it is not in the hands of the dead birds.

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Cute, Funny Dogs pictures

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Interesting facts about dogs

Dog rescued cats

Dog Ginny, who died in 2005, was famous for being very fond of cats.

As soon as Ginny took from a shelter, she began to seek out and to save them, and then bring the host. Dogs are abandoned or stray cats in the pipes, garbage containers, boxes. Ginny quickly became popular in the area, and the owner, Philip Gonzalez founded a fund to help the cats of her name, where residents bring homeless animals already own.

All thanks to Ginny and her foundation have been saved more than 900 cats, and in 1998 Uestchestersky Felinological Club awarded her the title of «Cat of the Year».



Funny animals pictures. Interesting facts about…

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Interesting facts about cats and dogs

Life expectancy of a cat is 9-15 years, the cost of keeping a cat is about 2-8 thousand dollars.

Scientists say that the owners of cats often have university degrees and diplomas.

As scientists believe that dog owners have lower blood pressure and cholesterol, rarely get sick and have better health.

The smallest cat, inscribed in the record books Ginnesa- Himalayan-Persian blyupoynt, whose name is Tinker Toy; When fully formed is its length was only 19 centimeters.

July 28, 1999 during the Great Dog Show in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, Russian Shepherd Wolf carried freestyle jump to a height of 160 cm.


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