Funny monkey. Interesting facts about animals

Funny monkey. Interesting facts about animals

On the gorillas are birth control pills.
Despite the hump of a camel spine straight.
We need 4 hours to cook hard-boiled ostrich egg.

One of the oldest insects on our planet is a common fly, the age of fossils found by scientists estimated that millions and millions of years.
About 70 percent of the Earth’s living creatures — bacteria.

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Orangutans warn of aggression loud belch.
Orgasm pig lasts 30 minutes.

The main food of the largest of the venomous snakes — King Cobra — are other snakes, including her relatives. Consuming large amounts of poisonous snakes, king cobra in many places their habitat has earned itself a good reputation.



Funny animals pictures. Interesting facts about animals

Funny animals pictures. Interesting facts about animals


When the female gives birth to a giraffe, her baby falls from a height of one and a half meters.
Hummingbirds can not walk.
The number of crows in the pack, which is going in the winter for the night somewhere in a forest glade, can reach 200-300 thousand.

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Blood grasshopper white lobster — blue.
Crocodiles swallow stones to deeper dive.
Mole can overnight dig a tunnel length of 76 meters.

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Sloths spend 75% of your life in a dream.
Starfish can turn your stomach inside out.
The guinea pig has no relation to the pigs, nor the sea. This rodent, which is a relative of rabbits and hares and imported to Europe in the XVI century from South America. Hence, by the way, the name — overseas pig, which was later changed to the «sea».
Anteaters prefer not to eat ants and termites.

Five beautiful cascading waterfall. Pamukkale, Turkey

Five beautiful cascading waterfall
Pamukkale, Turkey

The waterfall is known for its beautiful white slopes, it is one of the geological wonders of Turkey. Thermal springs, spouting from the mountain for hundreds of years, formed a beautiful garden with ponds of different depths.


Fantastic landscape formed water, stone and mineral salts

Funny pictures animals. Interesting facts about animals

Funny pictures animals

Interesting facts about animals

The only pet that is not mentioned in the Bible — a cat.

The only animals who are suffering from leprosy, but man — armadillos.
The only animals have sex for pleasure, — humans and dolphins.

If flamingo enough food, their feathers pink from becoming dull gray. In the wild, birds feed on shrimp, tiny aquatic plants that contain a special colorant — carotene.

An animal with the largest brain to the body — an ant.
The animal, which may not be longer than all drink — a rat.
Over the last 4,000 years there have been no new domesticated animal.
Zoo in Tokyo every year close to 2 months to animals could rest from the visitors.
Snail teeth located on the tongue, which she cuts and grinds food.
Every year people are killed bee stings than from snake bites.
Whales are able to hold their breath up to two hours.
When Europeans first saw the giraffe, they called it «verblyudopardom», thinking that it is a hybrid of a camel and a leopard.

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