She Thought She Had A Stress Headache, But Wound Up Fighting For Her Life Instead

Women who use tampons have seen the warnings about toxic shock syndrome (TSS) printed on boxes for years and years.
TSS is rare, but it can happen with tampon use when Staphylococcus or Streptococcus bacteria gets deep into bodily tissue and begins attacking internal organs. A young woman named Phoebee Bambury recently contracted TSS, and she wants to raise awareness about its symptoms and effects to prevent others from having to go through the same awful guessing game she did.

Bambury started to feel sick in her university’s library and initially thought she was just dealing with stress from her…

Edmunds Report Reveals Older, More Affordable Used Vehicles Becoming Scarce

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Scientists Just Discovered Something Shocking On A Planet We Found Long Ago

Astronomers have one of the coolest jobs in the universe.
They get to study the vast unknown of space and figure out what exactly is going on with planets that we have just begun to see in the past few decades. Could there be more Earth-like planets out there just waiting to be discovered? What about life?We’re one step closer to figuring out the answers to those questions because scientists have created a new technique that has confirmed an exoplanet does have water in its atmosphere.

51 Pegasi b is an exoplanet that’s hot and gaseous about 51 light-years away….

'Who Had A Baby!?' — Mom Coming Off Meds Insists That She Never Gave Birth

Anyone who’s been through a surgery or wisdom tooth extraction knows that anesthesia is a wonderful thing, if only because it keeps us feeling good even when we’re in tons of pain.
With those good vibes, though, come some downright loopy moments…like this one.Tisha was dosed with morphine after she gave birth, and one of the hilarious side effects was that she forgot she had experienced child birth at all! Her husband James, a U.S. Marine, just tries to keep it together while he patiently explains what’s happened.

At one point, the baby even gets rolled into the room and…

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