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While She Was On The Toilet, Her Grandson Was Lured Into The Arms Of A Kidnapper

Having a child taken by kidnappers is any parent’s worst nightmare.
Most parents teach their children to respect their elders and never talk to strangers. But what happens when the line between these two rules become a bit blurred? In some cases, children are so trusting of total strangers that if the right circumstances arise, this can be their downfall. Using a child’s naivety to their advantage, some adults very easily lure them from safety. Unfortunately, that’s exactly what happened when a grown woman in Arizona coaxed a four-year-old boy from his grandmother’s apartment.

Police were called to a Scottsdale,…

Cottage cheese and apricot tart with almonds



low-fat cottage cheese 100g
butter 80g
150 g flour
baking powder 1 h. l.
yogurt 50 ml


apricots, canned in syrup 300g
200 g of the curd
100 ml cream
egg 3 pcs.
150-200 g of sugar
vanilla sugar
Almonds (handful)

Cottage cheese and apricot tart with almonds

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