Funny children. The child is sitting quietly in the next room, the more terrible to go there …

Funny children.
The child is sitting quietly in the next room, the more terrible to go there …


Comes Son (5 years) from the street all muddy from head to toe. My husband opened the door and said, astonished by what he saw:
— Boy, you whose?
Son of a little thought:
— Your were.


Funny cars Pictures. Interesting facts about cars

Funny cars Pictures. Interesting facts about cars

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The sign «novice driver» coined in many countries, including Japan. But there is the rising sun and its know-how: the drivers who passed for 75, too, are required to report to the special sticker on the glass. Previously, the icon looks like a fallen autumn leaf. But many Japanese retirees have considered this analogy offensive and refused to buy stickers. Since 2011, the sign was changed to a quatrefoil and now it suits everyone.
The longest and grueling traffic jam occurred in 2010 in China. As many as 100 kilometers of one of the state roads for drivers to become a nightmare. To do such a distance, many spent five days. The culprits mash steel trucks in transporting large quantities of coal. And then there’s the part of the highway was occupied renovations …

That well both busy … Funny Kids

That well both busy … Funny Kids


It seems gorged…



Funny pictures of cats

Funny pictures of cats. Interesting facts about cats


Why do cats rub against the furniture, table legs, feet?
Cats have special glands on the tail, on the sides of the head, on the lips, on the tongue, near the genitals and between his front paws. They use them to mark their territory. When a cat rubs against your leg, it marks you indicate that you — «it.» For the same reason the cats rub against the furniture and the corners of rooms.
Why does a cat passing another cat, reduces speed and moves slowly?
All cat — territorial animals. They divide the territory between them, depending on the stage of internal hierarchy. Any encroachment leads to open conflict. Therefore, the cat, if you just want to pass on, trying to slow down and do not look at the owner of the adjacent territory.
Why the cat when burying the «results» of their livelihoods, digging outside the box and not inside?
This innate tendency of cats to clean. Ivory just trying not to dirty paws. The idea that his actions are not effective, does not come to him.

Funny pictures of cats.

Interesting facts about cats

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