Funny animals

Funny animals

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The longest worm — lineus length — up to 15 meters and lives at the European Atlantic coast.
The easiest way to distinguish between animal-vegetarian from a predator: predators eyes are located on the front of the muzzle, to see the victim. Vegetarians — on both sides of the head, to see the enemy.

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Scorpions can be nothing there for almost two years, and mites — up to 10 years!
Elephant — the only animal with 4 knees.

Elephants and people — the only mammals that can stand on his head.
Dogs bite more often female than dogs.
Sharks immunity to cancer.

A cat falling from the 12th floor, a better chance of surviving than a cat that falls from the 7th.
We do not have the stomach moth.
The dogs have elbows.

Funny animals photos. Interesting facts about animals

Funny animals photos


Penguins can jump up to a height of more than half a meter.
Polar bears can run at speeds of 40 km / h.
Only nightingales singing males, thus expressing loyalty and love of his friend, who usually sits somewhere nearby, without giving voice.

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Pursued by a predator giraffe can develop the speed to 50 km / h, that is, he is able to beat the most spirited racehorse.
With a lack of food tapeworm can eat up to 95 percent of his body weight — and nothing else!
Bird-executioner stabs mice thorns bush, thus making reserves for a rainy day.

The female elephants are popping ears on the sides, picking up their young.
Rabbit feet drumming on the ground, giving a signal of danger.
The most severe among the breed of the dog is considered a St. Bernard, a copy of which the most well-fed at the age of 5 years weighed 140 kilograms.

Funny cars pictures. Interesting facts about cars

Funny cars pictures. Interesting facts about cars

History Logo Many car brands is a real masterpiece. So Mercedes is named after the Mercedes — the daughter of the founder, and three-pointed star since 1909 symbolizes the success of the company Daimler in three areas — in the air, on land and on water. After all, the company has rich experience in the production of engines for all types of vehicles — ships, planes and cars.


Robert Watson-Watt, a Scottish physicist, inventor of the radar could not imagine that his brainchild will turn against him. His indignation knew no bounds when he was stopped because of the police radar for speeding.


The progenitor of the BMW was Rapp Motorenwerke. These companies are engaged in the manufacture of aircraft engines. The first production is in Bavaria, as segments of a circle, and the logo was painted in the colors of the land. Later, the BMW logo as a marketing substantiated white propeller at the blue sky. And after 10 years, the company has launched its first car.


Funny monkey. Interesting facts about animals

Funny monkey. Interesting facts about animals

On the gorillas are birth control pills.
Despite the hump of a camel spine straight.
We need 4 hours to cook hard-boiled ostrich egg.

One of the oldest insects on our planet is a common fly, the age of fossils found by scientists estimated that millions and millions of years.
About 70 percent of the Earth’s living creatures — bacteria.

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Orangutans warn of aggression loud belch.
Orgasm pig lasts 30 minutes.

The main food of the largest of the venomous snakes — King Cobra — are other snakes, including her relatives. Consuming large amounts of poisonous snakes, king cobra in many places their habitat has earned itself a good reputation.



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