Funny Dogs photo. Interesting facts about dogs

Funny Dogs photo. Interesting facts about dogs

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When there were domestic dogs

Dogs domesticated by man long before the other animals. Scientists have found the remains of domestic dogs age of 10 000 years. Found in the «Yaguarovoy» cave showed that at that time there were at least two types of dogs. In Britain, the excavated ancient domestic dogs aged 9500 years in Denmark — more than 9000 years. Known clay figurine of a domestic dog from Iraq (Jarmo), dated 8750 year. According to archaeological finds of domestic dogs lived in Jericho (8500 years ago) and Egypt (5500 years ago). In Sweden (Skatholm) unearthed the remains of dogs age of 5000 years.

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The ancestors of dogs

Determination of the ancestors of domestic dogs is very difficult, and among academics there is no consensus on this subject. It is well known that the modern dog is able to mate with both the jackal. And so the wolf, so we can assume that these animals were her relatives. There is a hypothesis of the existence of prehistoric extinct hound related wolves and jackals (volkoshakal), which was also the ancestor of dogs. In any case, the variety of breeds of dogs indicates that it is unlikely that all dogs are descended from a common ancestor is likely to have to talk about the availability of several lines of kinship among dogs.

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Funny Cats photos

Funny Cats photos, Interesting facts about cats

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Interdigital spaces cats also contain sebaceous glands that leave scent on all subjects, caught in the claws of an animal. This business card of your pet, mark the boundaries of his possessions. If the cat is switched to the host, then the gesture, she gives him a good mood. The logic is this: if the marked man can smell his favorite, so he will always remember the pleasant atmosphere that awaits him at home.

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To learn how to deal with their cat feces, can determine their hierarchical status. Independent animal with its own territory will never hide their feces. At the same time, if you see a cat in the home trays will «bury» the excrement, do not scold your pet for the arranged disorder. So it recognizes your cat shows its dominance and submission.

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This short message that every cat had to be updated daily. Basically, such a label is characterized by street animals and acts as a business card, mark the boundaries of the cat’s territory. Interesting, but left such a mark not as a threat or a warning to other individuals, and to determine the spatial comfort zone.

Funny Cats Pictures with inscriptions. Interesting facts about cats

Funny Cats Pictures with inscriptions. Interesting facts about cats

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Organism cats is arranged so that its surface a plurality of hidden sebaceous gland (chin, eye, behind the ears, etc.). These animals have learned to actively use the language and developed a special scent that scientists thoroughly not been studied. Consider only part of the signal that can be observed in the daily behavior of these wonderful creatures.

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If the cat carries a similar ritual, it does not mean that she is trying to confuse you. Just so, it marks the foot of his master, and expresses his affection and respect. If, after a long absence or sleep your cat will compulsively stuck his snout in you, you can pat yourself. You’re a good boss, in which bored.

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The signal is particularly strong attachment, if at this moment comes from cats purr sounds. Sniffing — is another option, which is labeled with the owner. This process may be accompanied by discreet touches of the tongue or lips.

Animals with funny inscriptions

Animals with funny inscriptions

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Penguins can jump up to a height of more than half the subway.
Over the last 4000 years there have been no new domesticated animal.

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The only animals who have sex padi ydovolstviya — people and dolphins.
Kpovi kyznechika white lobstepa — golybogo.
To make kilogpamm honey bee should fly 2 million. Flowers.

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99% live syschestv that lived on Earth vymepli.
Best way to distinguish zvepya ppostoy-vegetapiantsa from a predator: y predators at the front of the eye paspolozheny part mopdy to see zheptvy. In vegetapiantsev — on both stopony head to see the enemy.
There is no stomach moth
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