Funny pictures of dogs. Interesting facts about dogs

Funny pictures of dogs. Interesting facts about dogs

Dog Diet

Dogs are very geographically dependent.
It is believed that all dogs have a common ancestor who lived about 40 million years ago and was like a caress.
Dogs easily read human emotions by his expression.

Dog in Bed
It is believed that dogs and cats — the worst enemies. But, in fact, a dog chasing a cat just following instinct.
Dogs are distinguished gray, yellow and blue, and red and green are confused with each other.
In dogs, cats and the like, the normal body temperature of about 38 degrees.

Dont Leave
The dog may develop cancer.
Dogs can detect cancer, diabetes and epilepsy in humans.
For dogs is very harmful tobacco smoke.



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Funny Dogs. Interesting facts about dogs

 Funny Dogs. Interesting facts about dogs

Blame Farts

Ancient South American Indians believed that the dogs have helped people living under the earth, come to light.
Plato believed that dogs have souls philosopher.
Tax withdrew to hunt badgers in their burrows.
The first dogs — domesticated wolves.

Cuddling Kid
The first dog, a melted into space and orbit the Earth in 1957, was Laika. Unfortunately, she did not return from the trip.
In Greek mythology, the entrance to the underworld of Hades guarding the three-headed dog Cerberus.
The dog hears 4 times better than a human.

Derp Dog
Puppies are born blind and deaf, but feel they have developed very well.
In Egypt, a man who was bitten by a rabid dog, was allowed to eat her liver to prevent development of the disease.
The first breed of dog appeared 9000 years ago. It looks like she was on a modern greyhound.

Funny Dogs

Interesting facts. The Scot took a perfect shot — it took 6 years and 720 thousand photos!

Interesting facts.

The Scot took a perfect shot — it took 6 years and 720 thousand photos!


Scottish photographer Alan Macfadyen after a large number of attempts was able to make a perfect picture Read more »

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