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This Professor Had The Perfect Response To A Young Mom Who Skipped Class

Being a single parent is tough enough without the added stress of going to school, but many people do so to make sure they can give their little ones a good life.
Morgan King has been juggling college classes, working, and caring for her three-month-old daughter, Korbyn. While she’s doing a great job as a single mom, her situation definitely doesn’t come without its issues.

Morgan recently had to miss one of her classes at the University of Tennessee in Knoxville when she couldn’t find a babysitter for Korbyn in time.

Twitter / Morgan King

When she emailed the professor,…

He Dangled His Baby From A Window On The 15th Floor For The Most Insane Reason

Social media seems to have taken over almost every part of our lives.
I know I can’t go more than a few minutes without checking my phone. It’s kind of embarrassing! But as we become more and more connected to one another, more aspects of our lives will end up online.One father in Algeria recently took his Facebook obsession too far, however, by terrorizing his child and committing a crime he’ll now serve time for.

The man held his 15-month-old son by his t-shirt and dangled him out of a window on the 15th floor more than 150 feet in…

Audi to Introduce New Four-Cylinder Engine

Audi will build a new four-cyl… Read More

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