Precious Dog Enjoys Life On So Many Beds After Years Of Abuse

Perhaps one of life’s greatest pleasures is the sense of peace and comfort you have in your own space.
Whether you’ve had a hard day at work or things just weren’t going your way, troubles tend to melt away at home. But while most people can find comfort there, the same cannot be said about those suffering from emotional and physical abuse. This holds true for our four-legged friends as well. After more than eight years of abuse and discomfort, Lola the dog is finally learning how to relax.

For the better part of a decade, Lola was chained up…

If You Get Really Into Your Favorite TV Shows, This Tiny Kitten Totally Gets It

As a self-proclaimed TV fanatic, I’ll be the first to admit that sometimes I get a little TOO invested in my favorite shows.
While it’s not unusual to find me anxiously biting my nails to find out what happens next or talking to the TV whenever my favorite characters do something stupid, one thing I’ve never done is try to physically go through the screen. I have my limits, people.Completely oblivious to the difference between reality and TV, one kitty gets a little hyped up when cartoons come on. While his human companions were watching a classic episode of «Tom…

He Collapsed And Died In Class. What Killed Him Is Probably Sitting In Your Fridge.

We’ve all been told that having too much caffeine isn’t good for us, but in this teen’s case, the consequences were fatal.
On April 26, 16-year-old Davis Allen Cripe from South Carolina collapsed during class at Spring Hill High School after drinking three caffeinated beverages in a two-hour period. Despite the fact that Davis had no undiagnosed heart conditions and that there were no other drugs or alcohol in his system, he tragically died a little over an hour later.

According to Richland County Coroner Gary Watts, Davis suffered a caffeine-induced cardiac event causing a probable arrhythmia, in which a…

Social Experiment Reveals How Men React When Women Agree With Their Compliments

When somebody gives you a compliment, what do you think the appropriate response should be?
While a simple «thanks» seems like it should suffice, many women find that in their experience, some men react very negatively to that one-word response. To prove her point, accomplished author, social worker, and activist Michelle Taylor, who goes by Feminista Jones, decided to try a little social experiment on Twitter to find out how many other women have had the same treatment when they agree with or choose not to deflect compliments from men.

Piss a man off today: Tell him you agree with…

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