She Made A Dress From 10,000 Candy Wrappers And The Reason Why Will Warm Your Heart

We all have special moments that define our relationships.
For Emily Seilhamer, that moment came when her now-husband first offered her some Starburst candy. It was the first moment they connected, and it’s his favorite candy. In honor of their shared love together, Seilhamer wanted to do something special. But she was in it for the long haul. This project was four years in the making before she ever picked up a needle and thread.

For years, Seilhamer collected Starburst wrappers. In total, she gathered more than 10,000 of them.

Artistry and Upcycling by Emily Seilhamer

Then she separated them…

Rescue Volunteers Pen Hilariously Honest Adoption Memo For Feisty Cat

Workers in animal shelters get to know the animals there pretty well, especially when they’re around for a while.
Each dog and cat has its own distinct personality, and it can be hard to see these perfectly awesome pets not find homes. In Melbourne, Australia, the workers took a particular interest in a black cat named Mr. Biggles. Far from the cuddly lap cat you might expect, Mr. Biggles has quite the attitude and he’s blowing up the internet.

The adoption agency wrote his viral description and posted it online. It reads, «Mr. Biggles is a despot and dictator. He…

Featured Animal: Minke Whale

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