Weatherman Has Hilarious, Real-Life 'Mary Poppins' Moment On Live TV

The unpredictability of being on live TV can make for some pretty awesome viral moments at the expense of producers biting their nails behind the scenes.
Whether it’s a wardrobe malfunction or someone jumping in front of the camera for their 15 minutes of fame, all the practice in the world isn’t enough to prepare for being live on location. This is especially true when Mother Nature is involved. One weatherman in Dublin learned about the Earth’s wrath the hard way during a live broadcast.

One minute the enthusiastic meteorologist was relaying news of heavy rain.

Youtube / Associated Press…

What They Filmed On The Road Will Make You Sick To Your Stomach

A careless driver was taken into police custody in Turkey after witnesses reported the horrifying animal abuse he conducted on a busy freeway.

In a video taken from the car tracking the cruel driver, a helpless dog can be seen tied to the back of the vehicle as it drives steadily down the road. What they saw left one woman crying, and it’s not hard to see why.

A word of warning: The video below contains graphic content that is extremely disturbing.

They were able to stop the abusive driver and wait until police arrived. The dog survived but dealt…

Cheetahs Are High-Stress Animals, So Zoos Do Something Precious To Keep Them Calm

Despite being large predators who are able to move at seriously intimidating speeds, cheetahs are actually surprisingly shy.
Unfortunately, endangered cheetahs are so nervous and anxious that captive breeding programs designed to help preserve their species can be unsuccessful if the big cats don’t feel at ease in their environments. That’s where dogs come in. Across the country, zoos including the San Diego Zoo Safari Park and the Columbus Zoo have been pairing cheetahs with their own canine companions to keep them happy and comfortable — and it’s definitely working!

When cheetah cubs are a few months old, they first…

Here's What Happens When You Play Your Stupid Human Games On This Bull's Turf

Many fans of the British game cricket reside in England, but this bull proved he definitely isn’t one of them!
When the Mossley Cricket Club was playing a match against the Kerridge Cricket Club on June 24 in Cheshire, they had an unexpected visitor. The young bull, who is believed to have run away from his owner, made it clear that although the field didn’t belong to him, he wasn’t at all pleased with their presence on it.

The players were in the middle of their second innings when the angry bovine showed up.

Screenshot / Daily Mail

When they…

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