Toyota FT-4X Concept revealed at New York Motor Show — pictures

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She Lied To Her Son For Months, But It Was All For The Cutest Surprise Ever

I’m one of those people who doesn’t really like surprises.
I love to have things planned out and know exactly what’s going on. But I’m not totally opposed to them, especially when the result is something amazing. One mom in Colorado pulled off her long con in style, telling her son that they were traveling to Colorado Springs to try some Mexican food. What happened next is heartwarming and adorable.

First she asks him what he thinks they’re doing there, and he looks totally confused.

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800 g — drumsticks
3-4 — small potatoes
1 — carrots
1 — yellow pepper
3 cloves — garlic
1 — red onion
400 g — tomato puree
200 g — canned pineapple, drain and drain the liquid
2 tablespoons soy sauce
3 — bay leaves
A handful of green peas
Salt and pepper — to taste
6 tablespoons vegetable oil


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Scientists Capture Rare Footage of Giant Armadillo

Biologist Arnaud Desbiez and his team have found the burrow of a female giant armadillo that they’ve nicknamed Tracy. Using a new camera rig switched on by the tiniest movements they record Tracy’s nighttime activity.

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