11 Exhausted And Frustrated Dog Moms Who Totally Feel Your Parenting Pain

Any parent knows that some days the kids are just too much to handle.
Whether they’re crawling all over while you’re trying to relax or won’t listen when you tell them what to do, children will be, well, children. One thing that might make all the stressed moms and dads out there feel a tiny bit better is that this kind of defiance isn’t just confined to humans. Dog moms also have plenty of frustrating and exhausting experiences with their pups, and they can be totally hilarious. Check out these 11 canine moms just doing their best to get through…

Okay, These Probably Shouldn't Be Pets, But Stella The Kinkajou Is Way Too Cute

Most people who are looking to add pets to their family end up adopting cats or dogs, but Justin and Samantha Powell’s furry little friend is just a bit more exotic.
A few years ago, the Florida residents went to a specialist breeder and bought Stella, a three-week-old kinkajou. These creatures come from the rainforests of Central and South America. They’re also known as honey bears because those that live in captivity, like Stella, love eating honey. While there is an ongoing debate as to whether these adorable critters should or shouldn’t be pets, we can’t deny that Stella certainly…

Taking Photos Of Our Lives Is Forcing Our Brains To Leave Out Something Important

Nowadays, everyone has a high-powered computer at their fingertips.
If you have a smartphone, the computing power of that device alone is more powerful than the computers we used to first send people to space. That’s insane! Most smartphones also have high-powered cameras that continue to improve in quality with each release.With a quality camera in our pockets, of course it makes sense that we would take more photos of the world around us. Just one click sends those photos to social media where the world can see our travel photos or selfies. Scientists were interested in what this does…

Plenty Of People Take Great Travel Photos, But Hers Will Leave You Feeling Inspired

Traveling the world is exciting, and many choose to go on an adventure after graduation.
After all, it seems like the perfect time to take a break after all that hard work and get some new experiences before entering the workforce. For some, this experience can be especially transformative. One girl, who goes by the username «devgal,» posted her experience to Reddit and Imgur, and her unique story is inspiring others. Her positive attitude took over the world!

Devgal was born with a congenital bone disease and her leg was amputated above the knee when she was just four years…

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