She Got A Call Saying Her Horse Was Dead. When She Went Outside, Hilarity Ensued

Everyone, meet Pinto. Pinto is a pony. Pinto’s mom is sick of his shit.

Facebook / Pinto Plays Possum

Why, you ask? Because every once in a while, she gets a phone call from a concerned passerby about the dead horse that’s laying on her property. While anyone else would break down after getting such a call, Pinto’s mom knows the truth. She’s onto his scheme.

Here’s what she had to say about a recent run-in with a contractor.
Electrical contractors called me. Ma’am you’ve got a dead horse here in your pasture.No I don’t he plays dead all the…

This Kitten Had A Bump On Its Head. What They Pulled Out Of It Will Make You Queasy

Okay, storytime.
My dog isn’t exactly outdoorsy. She’s a lazy pup who I firmly believe is half dachshund, half potato and when it comes to playing outside, she needs to do it in small doses. After all, there are always couch naps to be had. But when she ventured up to New England with me, she decided to live life on the edge and play in the woods for a little while. The downside? She made a new friend in the process — a larva that had to be popped out by the vet. Gross, I know.But that little bug…

It Looks Like A Photo Of A Car Seat, But What It's Holding Will Break Your Heart

At first glance, this viral picture looks like a simple image of a car seat. In reality, it’s a devastating last car ride for a four-year-girl who recently lost her battle with cancer.
For the first three months of Ellie Walton’s life, her parents say their biggest problem was «deciding what brand of diapers to buy.» That all changed when their baby girl was diagnosed with a brain tumor. Over the next four years, Ellie astonished doctors by surviving a total of 17 surgeries and surpassing milestones they said she’d never reach. From simply rolling over as a baby to…

Beautiful luxury cars: Overview and Features

Beautiful luxury cars: Overview and Features

The biggest in the world production car Ford F650 weighing more than 12 tonnes


2010 Ford Mustang Shelby GT GeigerCars

Maximum speed: 354 km / h
acceleration time to 100 km / h: 3.9 seconds
Engine power: 810 hp 945 N / m 4300 rev / min.
Specific power: 457 hp / t 2.19 kg per 1 hp
Engine displacement: 5409 cc 150 hp per liter
Vehicle weight: 1771 kg


Honda Accord Coupe Tuning

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