It Seems Weird That This Cop Is Breaking A Window But Wait 'Til You See Who's Inside

Despite people being warned to never leave dogs inside hot cars, it happens every summer across the U.S., sometimes with tragic results.
On July 3, officers in Boynton Beach, Florida, were notified of such a potentially deadly situation when someone called 9-1-1 to report a pit bull who’d been left inside a car with all the windows rolled up. They later learned that the owner had apparently parked outside of a bank after seeing that the drive-through window was closed, then went inside for at least 10 to 15 minutes while the dog sat in the car.

They initially went…

New Dad Tries To Be Supportive In The Delivery Room But Totally Loses It Instead

Women give birth every day, and too often we forget just how miraculous that experience is.
Just think about it! Life! A fully formed tiny human created by two people is coming out of her body! Sure, they can’t take care of themselves for a long time, but that’s still the beginning of a life with infinite possibilities. It’s amazing and beautiful. Incredible as it may be, however, one man recently stood by his partner’s side in the delivery room and apparently got the shock of his life. Astounded by the miracle of childbirth or kind of horrified? You decide….

This Elephant Survived A Poaching Attempt. Then Vets Noticed Something Weird.

Elephants are some of the most beloved animals in the world, but they also face unique dangers.
Unfortunately, elephants are still highly prized by poachers for their tusks. This means governments and rescue organizations in areas where elephants live are always keeping tabs on the elephant population and attempting to stop poachers in their tracks. They don’t always succeed, and sometimes animals still get hurt. Animal Wildlife Area Research and Rehabilitation (AWARE) veterinarians were alerted to two wounded elephants in Zimbabwe when they came across something they had never seen before.

A large bull elephant they call «Pretty Boy» showed…

When They Created A GoFundMe For Their Dead Son, People Noticed Something Shocking

A seven-week-old infant in Florida is now dead after being left in a hot car for more than eight hours.

The incident happened in Mary Esther, Florida, after a family had returned home from a Sunday morning church service just after 12:45. It wasn’t until nearly 9:30 that police received a panicked call from a relative of the child, saying that the infant’s mother had left the boy in her van all day. Given the sweltering heat index of nearly 104 degrees, the tiny tot didn’t stand a chance.Following the child’s untimely death, his parents took to social media to…

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