What This Lady Said To A Reckless Driver Is Life Goals. Tell 'Em, Girl.

While most cases of road rage don’t end with you actually confronting anyone, this hot-headed mama wasn’t afraid to tell a bad driver what was on her mind when the opportunity arose.
Dash cam footage from Jaimie Loren’s car reveals the horrifying scene that caused her to go in on a reckless motorist. The driver can be seen swerving into the opposite lane of a two-way road in order to pass Loren. And if that wasn’t enough, the man hits a rough patch of grass and nearly rolls over before ultimately crashing along the side of the road. But instead…

fragrant soup with smoked chicken and melted cheese

fragrant soup with smoked chicken and melted cheese

Smoked ham — 300 gr
Frozen cheese — 3 table lodges (I have a viola)
Potatoes — 3 pieces
Carrots — 1 pc
Onions — 1 pc.
Greens fennel — for filing
Salt and spices — to taste
Vegetable oil — for frying

fragrant soup with smoked chicken and melted cheese

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This Old Woman Didn't Understand English. What A Boy Did To Her Is So Disgusting.

On May 20, an 80-year-old woman was cleaning up her front yard in Brooklyn, New York, when a 12-year-old boy punched her in the face.
The boy had initially approached her and started speaking, but because she doesn’t speak English fluently, she didn’t understand what he was trying to say. That’s when he struck her and gave her a black eye. Unfortunately, this wasn’t an isolated incident.

Not even a week before, the woman had been cleaning in front of her home when the preteen attacked her with a metal rod and hit her in the head.

Screenshot / CBS…

If Your Car Is This Small, You Have Absolutely No Excuse To Drive Like This

We’ve all had our fair share of driving gaffes, especially when it comes to parking.
Nobody’s perfect and navigating your way in and out of tiny parking spaces can be a total nightmare. You’d think, however, that having a tiny car might make things a little bit easier. For most of us that’s probably true, but one painfully terrible driver is proving that some people can make anything difficult.

«Okay…I’ve got it this time! Nope…no. Ugh.»

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Hilarious! Next time you make a mistake…

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