Dolphins Behaving Badly

Teenage male dolphins are notoriously ill-behaved. A ‘Spy Turtle’ and ‘Spy Pufferfish’ keep tabs on all of their bad behavior.

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2015 Lincoln Navigator First Drive

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Cake «Black Forest» with cherries and chocolate cream



● Dark chocolate 100g
● powdered sugar 350 g
● Eggs 8 pieces
● Wheat flour 200g
● 20% -s’ Cream 500ml
● 35% -s’ Cream 680 ml
● Milk 140 ml
● Liquor 75 ml
● Gelatin 1 tablespoon
● Cinnamon 1 piece
● Cocoa powder 2 tablespoons

Cake «Black Forest» with cherries and chocolate cream

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Cruel Boys Humiliated Her Son, But His School Is Doing Nothing To Help

Most parents send their children to school expecting them to be able to learn in a safe environment.
In the classroom, this is typically the case, but there’s almost no way to guarantee that a child will be completely protected from bullying in a school’s hallways and other lesser-watched areas.Upon discovering that her seventh-grade son was being bullied in the bathroom at his school, Michelle Thistle sought out action on the part of school officials. However, what ended up happening instead has left her son traumatized and afraid to return to school.

Thistle’s son was going to the bathroom when…

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