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This Girl Was Having A Hard Time At School. Then She Told Her Classmates A Secret.

About one in 68 children in the U.S. have autism spectrum disorder (ASD), which can make it extremely hard for a person to communicate and socialize with other people.
It can be pretty difficult for people to imagine what it’s like for those living with the disorder, especially considering that no two autistic people share the same experience. Twelve-year-old Holly is autistic herself, and she struggles a lot with social interaction at her middle school. After having a bad few weeks leading to meltdowns and questions from curious classmates, she wanted to help them understand how she was feeling. April…

Land Rover Discovery — Best family cars 2017

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Kinder Is At It Again! Mom Finds A Needle In Her Daughter's Chocolate Egg.

Kinder Surprises, the egg-shaped chocolate candies with toys inside, were deemed illegal in the U.S. long before they were even created because of the 1938 Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act outlawing toys kept inside confections.
While this was intended to prevent creating a choking hazard for young children, it’s proven to be quite fitting recently for more reasons than that. In February, a two-year-old little boy from England found six pills which turned out to be over-the-counter medication inside his chocolate egg. Just last week, a U.K. mom found a needle inside her two-year-old daughter’s treat.

Vikki Maguire-Grant’s daughter, Isabelle,…

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