When This Little Boy Wants Food, He And His Dog Tag Team The Fridge

There’s almost no story more classic than one about a boy and his dog.
Maverick is a mischievous two-year-old boy with a basset hound best friend named Leroy. They’re almost the same age, and they get into trouble together all the time. Maverick also has a tendency to drop snacks, so Leroy is pretty much always nearby. Now, Leroy doesn’t follow directions very well, but he and Maverick recently united for a common purpose: food. Maverick couldn’t reach the handles on the fridge, so he pulled Leroy’s collar over, and what happened next surprised everyone.

If you ever need a…

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She Was Showing Off A Sick Trampoline Move…Right Up Until She Wasn't

Growing up, I never understood why my mom didn’t want to get a trampoline for me and my siblings. After watching what happened to this chick, I totally get it now.
She was hanging out with some friends when she decided it would be fun to jump off her second-floor balcony onto the trampoline below. While she didn’t miss her target, the momentum from her fall caused her to bounce straight off, hit her legs on the edge, and make a crash landing on the grass that was certainly very painful and definitely cringeworthy.

Watch as the poor girl faceplants…

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