These Photos Of Kids Look Normal, But People Are Seeing Something Questionable

Kids are notorious for never staying clean for long, which is why many parents often have to bathe or wipe down their little ones more than once a day.
Children love playing outside, especially when it comes to sand or dirt, so it’s completely normal for them to get dirty on a regular basis. However, one family’s photos have people concerned about possible child neglect.

Multiple pictures of small children covered in dirt have recently surfaced online, making others suspect that they aren’t receiving proper care from their parents.

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As seen in this photo,…

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Cake with praline and chocolate mousse

Cake with praline and chocolate mousse


Biscuit (calculated for 1 biscuit)
Eggs — 3 pcs.
Sugar 90 g
Flour — 90 g
Chocolate mousse
Sugar — 70 g
Eggs -2 pcs.
Whipped cream — 250 ml
Dark chocolate — 185 g
Syrup for biscuit impregnation
Syrup from sugar cane — 20 ml
Brown rum — 5 ml
Crispy praline cream
Dark chocolate 60 g
Crispy praline — 125 g
Praline with almonds and hazelnuts (you can use the nutella cream) — 250 g
Bavarian raspberry cream
Raspberry puree — 300 g
Sugar — 75 g
Sheets of gelatin — 2 pcs.
Whipped cream — 120 g
Color glaze
Water 50 g
Sugar — 100 g
Glucose syrup 100 g
Condensed milk with sugar — 65 g
White chocolate — 100 g
Gelatin powder — 8 g
Water for swelling gelatin — 30 g
Red food color (can be replaced with beet juice)
Cake Decor
Dark chocolate for chocolate mesh — 200 g
Sugar or marzipan flowers and ribbons

Cake with praline and chocolate mousse

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