Touring the Uncanny Valley in the 2017 Lincoln MKZ

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She Found A Stray That Wouldn't Stop Crying. Then The Dog Revealed Her Hiding Spot.

It’s very unfortunate and heartbreaking when dogs are abandoned by their owners, especially when they have more to care for than themselves.
Earlier this year, people in Fowler, California, began reporting sightings of a stray dog that appeared to be pregnant. According to Pinky Paws ResQ, she «was dumped in the country for who knows how long.» After being contacted by a number of witnesses who’d seen the stray, volunteers from the animal rescue organization started keeping an eye out and eventually caught the dog they came to call Betty Boop.

The woman who rescued her knew that the dog…

First Drive: 2018 Range Rover Velar

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When He Tried To Rob A Store, He Quickly Found Out He Had Another Thing Coming

Tyrone Dorsett probably thought he was going to get away with robbing a convenience store in Birmingham, England, when he walked in wielding a knife back in January.
After all, the 34-year-old thief had pulled off at least 15 robberies between November 2016 and this February. But it’s pretty safe to say he had no idea who he was dealing with when he entered one shop on Selston Road. After approaching the register and demanding that the shop assistants hand over cash, they flat out refused. That’s when he grabbed the till, but the women made it very clear that…

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