Mushroom cutlets with buckwheat


Very soft, tender and delicious — mushroom patties with buckwheat. Keep your taste even cooled down condition. Cook — you will not regret.

250 ml of yogurt,
150 grams buckwheat,
200 grams of mushrooms,
cheese 90 gr,
Onion 1 piece,
garlic 1 clove,
dill, 150 g flour,
sugar 1 h. spoon,
salt 0.5 h. spoons
baking powder 1 h. spoon,
vegetable oil,
ground black pepper to taste.

Mushroom cutlets with buckwheat

Mushroom cutlets with buckwheat


Mushrooms and onions finely chop and fry with a little oil.

Boiled buckwheat mix with yogurt, add sugar, salt, dry dill, grated cheese and baking powder. The resulting dough add the mushrooms and flour, black pepper to taste, mix well. The dough should have a fairly dense, but loose.

Using two teaspoons form a dough oval meatballs (do small, they grow very strongly).

Fry in hot oil. This is useful to do in a small deep stainless pan. Oils need a lot less and no spatter.

Fry patties a little longer, until golden brown, then put on a napkin, went to excess oil.

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