Low calories vegetable salad «Color»



Cabbage — 200 g
Cucumbers — 200 g
Carrots — 100g
Canned corn — ½ banks
Lettuce — ½ bundle
Salt — to taste
Vegetable oil — to taste

Low calories vegetable salad "Color"

Low calories vegetable salad «Color»



1. Release the working surface for the ingredients in the salad. You will need 200 g Chinese cabbage, cucumber, on average 3 (200 g), one carrot (100 g), lettuce, canned sweet corn, vegetable oil.
2. Take a wooden cutting board and cut into small squares Chinese cabbage. Prior to this, rinse the cabbage leaves under running water to clean them from dust and dirt.
3. Wash cucumbers, peel them completely from the skin if desired. Cut off the ends of cucumbers, as they may taste bitter. Cut the cucumber in small cubes.
4. Clean the carrots peel, wash. Cut into small cubes on a cutting surface. You can also grate the carrots on a coarse grater convenience.
5. Fresh lettuce leaves, rinse and cut into large pieces. It is also possible to do without a knife and just gently tear the lettuce leaves in a bowl just for salad.
6. In a deep bowl for salads shift all the chopped ingredients: carrot, cucumber, Chinese cabbage, lettuce. Pour the canned corn, mix all thoroughly. Season the salad with vegetable (or olive) oil, salt and pepper to your taste.

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