Loving dog and puppies. It is interesting to know about the puppies

Loving dog with their puppies. It is interesting to know about the puppies




It is interesting to know about the puppies

Of the 5 basic senses, the first puppies develops touch, through which the puppy is able to feel the touch.

You can get a pretty good idea of ​​the final amount of a puppy, consider if his feet — large paws, of course, can grow for a while, but they are one of the first signs of the final size of the dog.

If your puppy bites or stings you in the game, you can quickly wean him to do this with a loud «ouch!». A similar sound emit themselves puppies when they are hurt.

Puppy listening to only the first syllable of the word.
Puppies are born without teeth — the first milk teeth they begin to develop around the age of four weeks. But they begin to fall and be replaced by indigenous around the age of 4 months.

Puppies are born without a sense of smell — is somewhat surprising, since this feeling is the most used in adult dogs. The sense of smell starts to develop only 3 weeks the puppy’s life.

During the first week of his life, a newborn puppy will sleep 90% of the time.

Mother could potentially abandon their pups when they were born by caesarean section and cleaned. This is because in this case the mother can not recognize their pups how to own.

Puppies tend to perceive a smiling man as a sign of aggression, if he shows his teeth.

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