Hotel-Cave Kagga Kamma: rest in the caves of South Africa

Hotel-Cave Kagga Kamma: rest in the caves of South Africa

Modern and innovative hotel more often inferior to the popularity of the cave to rest, which offers no less comfortable. People are tired of the usual bustle and monotony, eager to something original, but it is not willing to give up the benefits of civilization, by all means will find everything they are looking for in a hotel Kagga Kamma, which is in Sederbergskih Mountain (South Africa), and is one of the most striking sights region.

The hotel has only ten rooms, but each one is unique. they are in the caves, which are found around the mountain range. By the way, their uniqueness lies not only in location but also in unusual cave paintings, of which there are more than one thousand years.

Although the spectacular scenery here can be admired from each of the cave, yet there are also those who are of such communion with nature it seems insufficient. It is for these visitors are equipped with a special number. However, ‘equipped’ is an exaggeration, because the only home furnishings there are a bed and a bedside table, which are placed outdoors. In this unique room even as a shelter from the wind are high stone cliffs.

‘Primitive’ accommodation, beautiful mountain scenery — it all really interesting and beautiful. Yet there is in this hotel has something that makes it in the eyes of tourists a much more attractive — relaxing spa program. So that visitors to the hotel Kagga Kamma our ancestors can greatly envy, because such facilities were certainly denied.

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