Funny playful kittens. Interesting facts about cats

If the cat lay on her back, showing his belly — it is a sign of confidence in the presence of animals or humans. After the stomach — this is the most vulnerable spot in the cat.

This is how you stop it, right

Often the cat bowl, you can see his favorite toy. He brings it, because it is his territory, and he considers it safe, suitable for hoarding toys.



Cats are not afraid of water, contrary to the impression. In nature, they can plunge freely, to catch fish. But they can not stand it when they pop into the water against their will, but still hold.

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Cats often lick unfamiliar items, especially plastic. They subtly smell, and get acquainted with the new for them. The man is so delicate scent feels.


Funny playful kittens.  Interesting facts about cats


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