Funny playful dogs,GIF. Do you know why the dogs…

Do you know why the dogs…

Dogs can get sick our diseases
About 6 million dogs are diagnosed with «cancer» each year, in addition, there are «dog version ‘and other human diseases. And for a man it is rather a plus, because this situation makes it possible to arrange clinical trials of new drugs on animals.


They smell our diseases
If human oncology, diabetes or epilepsy, it is theoretically dog can first inform.

я готов

Studies have shown that dogs can be trained to detect cancer of the lung, breast, skin, bladder and prostate. In addition, dogs feel fluctuations of blood sugar of diabetics and may warn about the danger of their owners before they feel like symptoms. The most mysterious fact is that dogs can feel a seizure for about 45 minutes before it starts.

Funny playful dogs,GIF


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