Funny playful cats GIF. Do you know why the cat…

Do you know why the cat …

Cat licking its fur, spend it as much fluid as on urination

For cats is absolutely normal body temperature of 38 degrees

Glza our pets is larger relative to the body than other animals, if a person had the same eyes like a cat (with respect to the body), they would be equal to the diameter of 5 centimeters

Our humming is not very good at recognizing small objects up close, which is why the cat does not see tidbit right under the nose


Color kitten eyes change with age, all kittens are born blue-eyed, a 2-week open eyes, and the eyes dull and almost can not see anything, and to-month kitten eye color becomes the final color. Therefore, taking the blue-eyed kitten, many owners get brown-eyed or the Yellow-Eyed pet

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Cats have a unique indifikator — a drawing of the nose, there is no 2 cats with the same «fingerprint» of the nose

From cat breed, our pets are the only ones who kept on walking upright tail, wild cats hold the tail or gorizantalno or lowered between the legs

Funny playful cats GIF

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