Funny Dogs pictures. Interesting facts about dogs

 Funny Dogs pictures. Interesting facts about dogs

Treat Talk

Dinner for Me

Monday Bed

Interesting facts about dogs

юDogs understand up to 250 words and gestures, count to five and can solve simple math problems. Intellectually they are at the level of year-old children.

In Russia, the dogs were able to adapt to the underground for their needs: they have learned to ride on public transport in search of food, traveling on the most populated areas.

Dogs do not like obnimashek! For them it is a sign of dominance. So stop, finally, to do it!

Dogs distinguish ultrasonic whistle. Paul McCartney, knowing this, has recorded the sound at the end of the song «Day in the Life» especially for his collie.

In ancient China, the last line of defense of the emperor was a small Pekinese dog breed: she was hiding up his sleeve in case of danger, he jumped out and rushed to the enemy.

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