Cute funny cats photos. Why do cats eyes glow at night?

Cute funny cats photos. Why do cats eyes glow at night?



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Why do cats eyes glow at night?

And not only cats but also in many animals, which are mainly nocturnal. Often they are dark in color, so no one can see them, and in the darkness suddenly appear two bright spot, like two small spotlights.

In animals that sleep during the day and hunt at night under the retina is called the tapetum — a kind of reflective jacket. This layer of silvery crystals of guanine, the same substance that gives shine fish scales.

Different animals have different colors tapetum — bluish, yellowish, greenish, depending on what kind of coloring pigment contained therein. The presence in the eye of the tapetum gives it a special sensitivity, he sees vigilantly. No wonder the cats see well in the dark.

In the darkness in her eyes lit a cat, and we clearly see. But in fact they do not light, but reflect the light that falls into them, even if it is only a faint gleam of the night sky.

This is because the back wall of the eyeball of the animal has a concave shape, and in front of it is a collective lens — the lens, so that a real little spotlight. In the dark «glow» that seems especially bright spotlight.

People who love cats, believe their sweet, gentle creatures, amazing fun. This is indeed the case. But the family cat, but cats are tigers, lions, leopards.

No matter where they live, what their appearance and size, but all cats are similar in many ways. Everyone’s body is adapted to hunting, they are agile predators.

One of the reasons that help the cat on the hunt, — her eyes. Cat Eyes are used to see in the dark, because it hunts mostly at night. During the day the pupils cats greatly narrowed and converted into small dots. And they are wide open at night, passed in the eye all the possible light.

The rear wall of the eye is covered with a special substance resembling polished silver. It reflects every ray of light entering the eye. Therefore, cat’s eyes shine in the dark, as the lights lit, if you send them at least a small stream of light.

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