Funny Cats pictures. Interesting facts: Why do cats lick their hair long?

Funny Cats pictures. Why do cats lick their hair long?





Why do cats lick their hair long?

Plucking its fur, cat stimulates the glands located in the skin at the base of each hair. These glands produce sebum, a kind of oily secretion that lubricates and protects the skin from moisture. After stimulation of these glands in the process of washing the cat with his tongue spreads sebum on the coat.

Another meaning of the secret lies in the fact that it contains cholesterol, which the sun is converted into vitamin «D», contributing to the strengthening of bones and teeth, as well as help the feline body to accumulate calcium and phosphorus. Thus, washing up, Murka provides the necessary elements for the formation of this important vitamin.

The significance of washing and of itself. During this procedure removes the cat fell, dead hair from the coat. Most cats are losing a lot of hair in the spring or during the illness; addition, warm dry air in the room leading to hair loss in domestic animals throughout the year.

To the cat hair is not matted, dead hair should be removed.
But, apart from the inconvenience, often painful, svalyavshayasyaerst can become a favorable environment for the development of parasites. Routine washing wool fluffs and thus reduces the risk of parasites — ticks, fleas and other insects.

Washing cat helps control body temperature. Wool acts as a protective layer between the body and the environment, but because a clean and healthy fur better preserves the normal temperature. When the cat washes, she puts tufts of hair in different directions.

And depending on the routing of the hair, it can regulate its own temperature. The cat, who carefully washes, usually smooth fur, fluff, and it is the individual layers.

When the cold weather comes, the cat, using saliva, smoothes the hair, making it more effective insulator and helping the body retain heat. But washing, also has its «social» and emotional functions.

If the washing itself carries great benefits to health, the behavior of a cat at the same time can be regarded as a form of «social interaction». Kittens start to lick and wash each other and their mother since the age of three weeks.

Peak mutual washings are usually between the ages of five weeks to four months. Then, according to experts, this habit dies show.

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