Funny animals. Interesting facts about animals. Chimpanzees

Funny animals. Interesting facts about animals. Chimpanzees


Interesting facts about animals. Chimpanzees

Employees of Kyoto University studied the life of chimpanzees in the Mahale Mountains National Park park. They could not pay attention to the 38-year-old female chimpanzee, who gave birth to an unhealthy newborn.

In a tiny monkey was deformed spine and foot. Her jaw is not closed, and the animal can not express emotions. Congenital anomaly something reminiscent of Down syndrome that occurs in people.

The mother did not give up a sick child, and began to actively take care of him. This helped her eldest daughter. Sick baby chimpanzee could not properly grasp the nipple and mouth clinging paws for wool mother. However, after 2 years of dysfunctional animals disappeared. The researchers suggest that it is because abnormal jaw structure could not eat solid food, which led to starvation.

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