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1. To make a kilogram of honey, a bee should fly 2 million. Flowers.
2. calving is not an easy thing for the whales. After 10-12 months in the womb are born small whales of up to one-third of the adult whale (and in the case of the Blue whale is 10 meters). Mother pours milk muscles in the mouth cub, which clings to the nipple (yes, whales have them). Fat content of milk whales — about 50%, which is 10 times the fat content of human milk. Accordingly, the young are growing day by dialing up to 90 kilograms.

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3. Pigeons can fly thousands of kilometers and thus fall exactly where they were heading. And the Arctic tern flies in a year more than 40 200 kilometers. Many birds use built-in ferromagnets are wise nature orientation of the magnetic fields of the Earth. But research in 2006 showed that pigeons also remember the conspicuous features of the earth, and are guided by them.

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