Funny animals are laughing. Funny facts about animals

Funny animals are laughing. Funny facts about animals





Funny facts about animals

1. Ferrets sleep up to 20 hours a day.
2. The French call pigeons «flying rat.»
3. Do not just striped tiger fur, but striped skin.
4. fish garfish green bones.
5. octopus rectangular pupil.
6. giraffes absolutely black tongue, whose length can reach up to 45 cm.
7. The temperature of the blood in fish Antarctica can reach -1.7 degrees Celsius.
8. whale heart beats only 9 times per minute.
9. The longest recorded flight of a chicken lasted 13 seconds.
10. In the Falkland Islands per inhabitant (2000 people) accounted for 350 sheep (700 thousand), and in New Zealand — 20 sheep.
11. Cat’s jaw can not move sideways.
12. When in 1850 from Europe to America brought the first batch of sparrows, Americans are so glad that zakormili them all to death.
13. An iguana can stay under water for up to 28 minutes.
14. Zebra — white with black stripes, and not vice versa.
15. In ancient Egypt, the main pests of fields were considered not beetles and even locusts, and hippos.

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