Low-calorie recipe for summer. Easy cake with fruit without baking

Low-calorie recipe for summer. Easy cake with yogurt and fruit without baking

on 100gramm — 103.06 calories

Prepare the cake is very simple, and the time it will take quite a bit, especially if you use instant gelatin.


Yogurt (fat taste and fillers may be used a mixture of different yoghurts, for example, simple and pineapple) — 500 g
Instant Gelatin — 25 g (1 bag)
Sugar — 4 tbsp. spoon or the taste (sweetness depends yoghurt)
Fruits, berries (by season and optional) — 200-300 g


Instant Gelatin dissolved in 100 g of hot water (the water may optionally be replaced by fruit juice).
Yogurt mixed with sugar and beat well with a mixer or a whisk.
Meanwhile, wash the fruits and berries, large — cut finely.
The cooled mass add gelatin in yogurt and whisk again until smooth.
Add to yogurt-based fruit and berries, mix gently.
Pour the mixture into a prepared mold, lined with foil or cling film.
Refrigerate until solidification (about 3 hchasov).
Ready to decorate or just begins to freeze the cake of fruit or berries.
Remove the cake from the mold ready, serve.

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